Nexia Ebner Stolz


Nexia Tax Link September 2016

This is­sue is a mix of op­por­tu­nities and warnings, both of which should make for in­te­res­ting rea­ding. Here we have gui­dance on op­por­tu­nities for cli­ents and con­ta­cts in­te­res­ted in in­ves­ting in Swit­zer­land, Hun­gary, Tanza­nia, In­done­sia, Cy­prus and Jor­dan.


  • China
  • Cy­prus
  • Hun­gary
  • In­done­sia
  • Ja­pan
  • Jor­dan
  • Po­land
  • Sin­ga­pore
  • Spain
  • Swit­zer­land
  • Tanza­nia
  • United King­dom
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