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Best of Consulting 2016: Ebner Stolz takes 1st Place in the ‘Restructuring’ Category

Best of Consulting 2016: Panel of experts from WirtschaftsWoche puts Ebner Stolz in top spot

A panel of experts has chosen Ebner Stolz as the winner of WirtschaftsWoche magazine’s “Best of Consulting 2016” competition in the ‘Project Excellence Restructuring’ category. At the award ceremony in Dusseldorf on November 15, 2016, Martin Tschochner accepted the award on behalf of the interdisciplinary Ebner Stolz team.

Held in 2016 for the seventh time, the com­pe­ti­tion awards pri­zes to Ger­many’s best con­sul­ting firms in the cate­go­ries of Restruc­tu­ring, Com­pe­ti­tion Stra­tegy, Sup­ply Chain Mana­ge­ment, Finan­cial and Risk Mana­ge­ment, M&A, Mar­ke­ting & Sales, and IT Mana­ge­ment and is one of the most pres­ti­gious pri­zes on the Ger­man con­sul­ting scene.

Ebner Stolz recei­ved the Best of Con­sul­ting award for its sup­port in the stra­te­gic restruc­tu­ring of HEI­DE­MARK, Ger­many’s lea­ding tur­key pro­du­cer and pro­ces­sor. At the time Ebner Stolz was enga­ged, HEI­DE­MARK was a com­plex group of com­pa­nies that had expe­ri­en­ced rapid growth, with reve­nue of EUR 700 mil­lion, over 2,000 emp­loyees, and 85 enti­ties. By con­cen­t­ra­ting on the suc­cess­ful ele­ments of the busi­ness model and opti­mi­zing value crea­tion, reve­nue-boos­ting con­so­li­da­tion was achie­ved in 24 months and the scene was set for the com­pany’s con­ti­nued deve­lop­ment inclu­ding the inten­ded suc­ces­sion plan.

This award fol­lows on from Ebner Stolz’s suc­cess in 2015, when the con­sul­tants took third place in the same cate­gory for pro­vi­ding advice and sup­port to Land­gard, Ger­many’s lea­ding mar­ke­ter of flo­wers and plants, as well as fruit and vege­ta­b­les.

This year, the dis­tin­gu­is­hed jury inclu­ded Dr. Ulrich Becker (Mana­ging Direc­tor, UBS), Dr. Wolf­gang Col­berg (Part­ner, CVC Capi­tal Part­ners), Dr. Chris­tian Lan­ger (Mana­ging Direc­tor, Luft­hansa Tech­nik Logis­tik Ser­vices GmbH), and Alex­an­der Meyer auf der Heyde (Head of Inhouse Con­sul­ting, Bayer Group).

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