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Ebner Stolz advises PHYSITEK Devices and InnovaFonds on their acquisition of analyticon and ServanTech

  • PHY­SI­TEK Devices acqui­res the Ger­man com­pa­nies ana­lyti­con and Ser­van­Tech
  • The tran­sac­tion leads to PHY­SI­TEK Devices beco­ming the Euro­pean lea­der of hand­held mea­su­re­ment devices in its indu­s­try
  • Ebner Stolz pro­vi­des buy-side sup­port through com­pre­hen­sive, multi-dis­ci­p­li­ned advi­sory ser­vices

Stutt­gart, 14th October 2019 – The audi­ting and con­sul­ting firm Ebner Stolz advi­sed PHY­SI­TEK Devices SAS on its acqui­si­tion of ana­lyti­con instru­ments gmbH and Ser­van­Tech GmbH & Co. KG. In addi­tion to car­rying out a finan­cial, tax and legal due dili­gence, Ebner Stolz pro­vi­ded buy-side sup­port in areas of tax struc­tu­ring and other legal advice.

PHY­SI­TEK Devices SAS, a com­pany owned by the French Pri­vate Equity firm Inno­va­Fonds, acqui­red 100% of the sha­res in ana­lyti­con instru­ments gmbH and Ser­van­Tech GmbH & Co. KG in its first inter­na­tio­nal acqui­si­tion. PHY­SI­TEK Devices, which is based near Ver­sail­les, is a pro­du­cer and retai­ler of hand­held mea­su­re­ment devices to niche mar­kets.

ana­lyti­con is a major retai­ler of hand­held mea­su­re­ment devices in the secu­rity, recy­c­ling and indu­s­trial moni­to­ring indu­s­tries, while Ser­van­Tech pro­vi­des the trai­ning that is requi­red to use the devices. Both com­pa­nies are head­quar­te­red in Ros­bach vor der Höhe, near Frank­furt am Main.

As one of the lea­ding mem­bers of the glo­bal Nexia Inter­na­tio­nal net­work, the Ebner Stolz tran­sac­tion advi­sory team wor­ked clo­sely toge­ther with their French part­ners Aca Nexia.

Chris­tian Fuchs (Pro­ject mana­ging Part­ner Tran­sac­tion Advi­sory Ser­vices, Lead Finan­cial Due Dili­gence), Bene­dict Fre­ely (Finan­cial Due Dili­gence), Alex­an­der Euch­ner (Part­ner M&A Tax, Tax Due Dili­gence, Tax Struc­tu­ring) as well as And­reas For­rai (Tax Due Dili­gence, Tax Struc­tu­ring) and Dr. Chri­s­toph Wink­ler (Part­ner M&A Legal, Lead Legal Due Dili­gence, legal advice)

Press Con­tact

Dr. Ulrike Höreth
Ebner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1371

Cor­po­rate Con­tact

Chris­tian Fuchs
Ebner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1276

Alex­an­der Euch­ner
Ebner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1575

Dr. Chri­s­toph Wink­ler
Ebner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1469

About Ebner Stolz

Ebner Stolz is one of the lar­­gest inde­pen­­dent mid-sized MDP firms in Ger­­many and is among the Top Ten in the sec­­tor. The firm has deca­­des of in-depth expe­ri­ence in audi­­ting, tax advice, legal advice, and cor­­po­­rate con­­su­l­­ting. More than 1,500 emp­­loyees in all major Ger­­man cities and busi­­ness cen­­ters offer a broad range of ser­vices based on a multi-dis­­ci­p­­li­nary approach. Ebner Stolz pre­do­­mi­n­antly advi­­ses medium-sized indu­s­­trial enter­pri­­ses as well as trade and ser­vice com­pa­­nies of all sizes and indu­s­­tries.

Cross-bor­­der audi­­ting and con­­su­l­­ting assig­n­­ments are car­ried out with par­t­­ners of Nexia Inter­na­­ti­o­­nal, one of the world’s top ten net­works of inde­pen­­dent con­­su­l­­ting and audi­­ting firms. With more than 700 Nexia offices worl­d­wide Ebner Stolz is pre­­sent in more than 120 coun­­tries.

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