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Nexia International

Ebner Stolz is a member of Nexia International, one of the world’s leading networks of independent auditing and consulting firms. It offers our clients a way to benefit from our network partners’ services, with more than 32,000 employees in more than 120 countries. Nexia is one of the top ten largest international networks (source: IAB Survey 2019).

With Nexia, you can draw on a cross-bor­der fund of expe­ri­ence and know­ledge, while main­tai­ning high qua­lity stan­dards. As a mem­ber of the Forum of Firms – an alli­ance of inter­na­tio­nal acco­un­ting and audi­ting firms – Nexia has agreed to main­tain high qua­lity stan­dards world­wide, and to check com­p­li­ance with those stan­dards regu­larly. 

Ebner Stolz is a mem­ber of important mana­ging bodies of the inter­na­tio­nal Nexia orga­niza­tion, and can acti­vely influ­ence the net­work’s suc­cess­ful furt­her deve­lop­ment. Many years of per­so­nal connec­ti­ons with many of our net­work part­ners, and regu­lar exchan­ges of infor­ma­tion at inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­ren­ces, help make sure that you don't have to do wit­hout the per­so­nal sup­port you’ve come to expect, even if you’re ope­ra­ting abroad.

Whe­ther you’re an inter­na­tio­nal lis­ted cor­po­rate group, an owner-ope­ra­ted firm with cross-bor­der acti­vi­ties, or a high-net-worth pri­vate indi­vi­dual – come take advan­tage of our cross-bor­der range of ser­vices.


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Limi­ted tax lia­bi­lity app­lies to roy­alty pay­ments bet­ween non-resi­dents

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