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Nexia Ebner Stolz


Operating turnaround

After we pre­pare the restruc­tu­ring con­cept, we don’t aban­don a com­pany. We stand at the ready to help with imp­le­men­ta­tion. Even during the con­cept phase, we make sure that restruc­tu­ring mea­su­res are practi­cal, that the requi­re­ments for imp­le­men­ta­tion are tran­s­pa­rent, and that res­pon­si­bi­li­ties are cle­arly defi­ned. The more spe­ci­fic the mea­su­res, the easier it is to pur­sue the cho­sen course sys­te­mati­cally. That way, appro­priate miles­to­nes can be defi­ned and tra­cked. But if a course cor­rec­tion turns out to be necessary, we can do that sys­te­mati­cally, too – always in close coope­ra­tion with our cli­ents.

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