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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Management Consulting

Corporate Management - Creating Transparency, Making the Right Decisions

"When it's hard to choose between two options, you should always go for the right one!" This quip by the Austrian comedian Karl Kraus accurately describes the challenge of running a business: having to make decisions despite uncertainty.

In order to fol­low Kraus's advice, your need infor­ma­tion that pro­vi­des cla­rity and redu­ces any remai­ning "white spots" to the fewest pos­si­ble. The infor­ma­tion on which you base your deci­si­ons needs to be agg­re­ga­ted or highly detai­led, quickly available and, above all, relia­ble. Effec­tive cor­po­rate mana­ge­ment does just that: it makes the per­for­mance of your com­pany visi­ble.

Stee­ring your com­pany is the task of mana­ge­ment. Mana­ge­ment must define goals for your com­pany that enhance added value and maxi­mize use of resour­ces, always making the right deci­si­ons as they do so. This doesn't mean that they have to have all the num­bers - they just need the right ones!

Desig­ning and imp­le­men­ting pro­fes­sio­nal, custo­mi­zed mana­ge­ment stra­te­gies that meet your mana­gers' needs and per­fec­ting your exis­ting mana­ge­ment pro­ce­du­res - that's what Ebner Stolz is all about.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Sys­tems and Orga­niza­tion
  • Plan­ning and Taxa­tion Pro­ces­ses
  • Pro­fi­ta­bi­lity Ana­ly­sis and Mana­ge­ment
  • Smart Finan­cials
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