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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Management Consulting

Performance Management

How can a well-run company like yours achieve even better results? How can you go about not only striving to maximize your performance, but also making sure that it happens?

One thing is cer­tain: There is no way to inc­rease per­for­mance on a las­ting basis through one-off instruc­ti­ons given by mana­ge­ment; ins­tead, it requi­res a com­pre­hen­sive, long-term stra­tegy. Impro­ve­ments can and must be made at all levels: using Per­for­mance Mana­ge­ment.

This is how we work.

Per­for­mance Mana­ge­ment is the key dis­ci­p­line for eve­r­yone who wants to take a holistic approach to num­bers and per­for­mance indi­ca­tors.

Our goal is to make your com­pany, qui­cker, more agile, more effi­ci­ent and ulti­ma­tely more pro­fi­ta­ble. We'll be a soun­ding board for your ideas. Wor­king toge­ther, we'll ensure that the necessary acti­ons are plan­ned and imp­le­men­ted quickly. To get eve­r­yone at your com­pany on board, we'll assist you in plan­ning a sche­dule that lea­ves you lee­way and also mea­su­res pro­gress and results, so that you can reach the goals you set.

Here is how you'll bene­fit.

We'll give our full atten­tion to the long-term suc­cess of your com­pany. The scope of the work to be done will always depend on the per­for­mance enhan­ce­ment you're after. We'll review gra­dual effi­ci­ency impro­ve­ments as well as the need for dis­rup­tive chan­ges, such as in your busi­ness model. An ana­ly­sis of digi­tal matu­rity pro­vi­des important insights into your com­pany's per­for­mance poten­tial.

Per­for­mance ref­lects your ent­ire com­pany. That's why we'll work clo­sely with you and con­s­i­der all areas of your core busi­ness, both in terms of costs and ear­nings:

  • Mar­ke­ting and Dis­tri­bu­tion
  • Sup­ply Chain Mana­ge­ment
  • Pro­cu­re­ment and Cost Mana­ge­ment
  • Pro­duc­tion
Take advan­tage of our exper­tise, indu­s­try know­ledge and methods to make your com­pany more effi­ci­ent and ready to face the future.

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