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Corporate Finance

Company expansion through the acquisition of another company, the expansion of competitiveness by increasing market shares, the development of new markets nationally and internationally, the acquisition of new investors, the achievement of cost reductions, the acquisition of know-how and the increase of the company's future viability through appropriate succession planning - all good reasons for M&A transactions.

At the same time, the environ­ment for cor­po­rate tran­sac­ti­ons has become fas­ter and more com­plex in recent years - with inc­rea­sed risk poten­tial. The best way to coun­ter­act this is with a spe­cia­li­zed M&A team. The lawy­ers at Ebner Stolz have exten­sive tran­sac­tion expe­ri­ence as well as an in-depth under­stan­ding of the busi­ness, which they apply in a tar­ge­ted man­ner on the buyer, sel­ler and finan­cier side. They are able to cor­rectly assess the inte­rests of all par­ties invol­ved in the tran­sac­tion and to find prag­mati­cally sui­ta­ble solu­ti­ons. Thus, the lawy­ers at Ebner Stolz pro­vide com­pre­hen­sive advice on natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal M&A tran­sac­ti­ons and, if necessary, are happy to call in their col­lea­gues from the other spe­cia­list areas. In this way, the appro­priate tran­sac­tion struc­tu­res are deve­lo­ped and effi­ci­ently imp­le­men­ted for com­pa­nies and inve­s­tors in all sec­tors.

This is by far not only about the nego­tia­tion of the com­pany purchase agree­ment. We also pro­vide sup­port in draf­ting parti­ci­pa­tion and joint ven­ture agree­ments, share­hol­der agree­ments, part­nership agree­ments, finan­cing agree­ments and secu­rity agree­ments as well as other finan­cing and parti­ci­pa­tion struc­tu­res. We also advise on pri­vate equity and ven­ture capi­tal tran­sac­ti­ons. Finally, we assist in the deve­lop­ment and imp­le­men­ta­tion of emp­loyee parti­ci­pa­tion sche­mes.

What sets us apart is our inter­di­s­ci­p­li­nary work hand in hand with our tax advi­sors, audi­tors and mana­ge­ment con­sul­tants. In addi­tion, you bene­fit from our close inte­g­ra­tion in all areas of com­mer­cial law, such as labour law, real estate law, IT law as well as anti­trust and com­pe­ti­tion law.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Legal advice on the acqui­si­tion and sale of com­pa­nies
  • Legal advice on finan­cing and restruc­tu­ring
  • Com­pany take­o­vers
  • Pri­vate equity and ven­ture capi­tal tran­sac­ti­ons
  • Emp­loyee and mana­ge­ment parti­ci­pa­tion pro­grams
  • Foun­da­tion, restruc­tu­ring and dis­so­lu­tion of natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal joint ven­tu­res
  • Struc­tu­ring and estab­lish­ment of alter­na­tive invest­ment funds
  • Distres­sed M&A / Restruc­tu­ring
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