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Inheritance Law

Good corporate management includes far-sighted planning. Anyone who gives some thought to the future will also deal early with making appropriate arrangements for corporate succession. Our interdisciplinary corporate succession teams will work with you to develop a structured succession process – so you, as a business person, your successor, and everyone else involved (like family members) have the right legal protection, and the transfer can take place with the lowest possible tax impact.

There are end­less ans­wers to the ques­tion of a well-qua­li­fied suc­ces­sor. And the fea­si­ble paths for cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion are just as diverse. The right ans­wer calls for a know­ledge of inhe­ri­tance law, cor­po­rate law and tax law, but also for intui­tion that helps do justice to the inte­rests of eve­r­yone invol­ved, and finds a satis­factory solu­tion for eve­r­yone. Apart from ensu­ring a com­pany’s suc­cess for the long term, these mat­ters regu­larly also involve the busi­ness owner’s indi­vi­dual family situa­tion. We’re well aware of these sen­si­tive inte­rests, and can assist you as a capable, con­struc­tive advi­sor.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Assi­s­tance with choo­sing a suc­ces­sor
  • Plan­ning cor­po­rate suc­ces­sorship
  • Inhe­ri­tance-law aspects of cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion
  • Cor­po­rate-law imp­le­men­ta­tion of plan­ning for suc­ces­sion, inclu­ding emp­loy­ment-law and other civil-law con­se­qu­en­ces
  • Tax opti­miza­tion of cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion
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