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Succession and Estate Planning

You’ve spent your life building up assets through your company or your profession that you want to preserve and increase for the long term. But who will get them when you’re gone? Long-term thinkers plan early for who will take over next in the company or a personal estate.

Plan­ning cor­rectly for suc­ces­sion is a stra­te­gic chal­lenge for a com­pany, and a very per­so­nal mat­ter. For a com­pany, it’s important to iden­tify the right suc­ces­sor. And trans­fers of pri­vate esta­tes also need to be opti­mi­zed. That’s the only way to take ade­quate acco­unt of indi­vi­dual family and cor­po­rate needs. It’s not just a mat­ter of the right legal, tax, finan­cial and busi­ness con­di­ti­ons ­– family and inter­per­so­nal aspects also play an important role in plan­ning. Thanks to our exten­sive practi­cal expe­ri­ence with inhe­ri­tance and suc­ces­sion, we have not only the necessary tech­ni­cal exper­tise, but also the sen­si­ti­vity and requi­site intui­tion to help you find the best solu­tion to these very per­so­nal ques­ti­ons. Trust and con­fi­den­tia­lity are para­mo­unt here. That’s why the same expert from our offices will assist you from the first mee­ting to the final arran­ge­ments for inhe­ri­tance or suc­ces­sion. If nee­ded, your con­tact per­son can also call on experts in acco­un­ting and audi­ting, legal con­sul­ting, and cor­po­rate con­sul­ting.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Inter vivos trans­fers
  • Cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion through gift, emp­loyee stock ownership, sale, etc., and taking asso­cia­ted restruc­tu­ring mea­su­res
  • Draf­ting wills – trans­fer of pro­perty upon death
  • Busi­ness valua­ti­ons
  • Real estate apprai­sals
  • Pro­bate of wills
  • Safe­guar­ding family assets with family foun­da­ti­ons
  • Non­pro­fit foun­da­ti­ons
  • Suc­ces­sion plan­ning with inter­na­tio­nal aspects
  • Health­care powers of attor­ney and living wills
  • Moni­to­ring dead­li­nes and arran­ge­ments
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