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Tax Advice

Tax Returns

There’s a lot of talk about tax simplification, and especially about quick and easy tax returns. But none of it is workable. So a tax return that fits on a bar napkin will forever remain a mirage.

We assist com­pa­nies with mee­ting all obli­ga­ti­ons under the tax and com­mer­cial codes, inclu­ding tax returns, record-kee­ping and with­hol­ding, as well as sto­rage and docu­men­ta­tion, and we handle tax pre­pa­ra­tion for com­pa­nies.

Tax pre­pa­ra­tion is by no means a con­cern for busi­nes­ses only. Pre­pa­ring a cor­rect tax return is often a deep, dark mys­tery for pri­vate indi­vi­duals, too. We’re happy to help you meet your tax obli­ga­ti­ons – which not only saves time, but can also offer finan­cial advan­ta­ges. A pro­perly pre­pa­red tax return can often bring tax advan­ta­ges all by its­elf.

Tax returns are a core sub­ject for us. High-qua­lity tax pre­pa­ra­tion advice is a foun­da­tion for a long-term rela­ti­onship of trust with our cli­ents. It yields valuable infor­ma­tion that we can apply in advi­sing you on how to opti­mize your overall tax pic­ture, whe­ther in a busi­ness or the pri­vate sphere.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Tax returns for all forms of taxes
  • Cal­cu­la­tion of defer­red taxes / tax pro­vi­si­ons
  • E-balance sheet
  • Stan­dar­di­zed e-returns
  • Revie­wing tax assess­ment noti­ces
  • Full-ser­vice assi­s­tance for expa­tria­tes
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