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Family and career

Family or career. Why does it have to be either one or the other? "Always there" also means that we accept different lifestyles and career goals and do everything we can to enable our employees at Ebner Stolz to experience both. Whether you're pregnant with a new idea or an actual baby, at Ebner Stolz you can combine a happy personal life with a successful career.

Does time off to care for child­ren mean that you're off the career track? Not at Ebner Stolz. We main­tain active con­tact with our emp­loyees while they are on paren­tal leave and help them stay up to date in their fields of exper­tise, so that they can easily rejoin the busi­ness world when they’re ready.

Spe­ci­fi­cally we have deve­lo­ped various family-fri­endly plans for our loca­ti­ons to ensure the best cir­cum­stan­ces for wor­king mothers and fathers.

The spec­trum inclu­des

  • custom-tai­lo­red part-time models
  • paying some of the costs of child­care or
  • making child care available at a child care insti­tu­tion asso­cia­ted with our firm.

The opti­ons vary, depen­ding on each per­son's per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal situa­tion. The main thing in each case is for every emp­loyee to be able com­bine the plea­sure of wor­king with the joy of living!

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