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The city on the Rhine met the challenge of restructuring head on, mastering it with aplomb. Previously the center of government, Bonn had to realign its economy after the federal government and many ministries moved away. Today the city's economic life is centered around companies in the services sector, which employs about 90% of the city’s workforce. More striking still, the majority of businesses in Bonn are medium-sized. These companies provide knowledge-intensive services in the areas of health, medicine, non-technical research and consulting, and finance – areas with outstanding prospects for growth. Which goes to show: Bonn has managed to find its own way, building its future on solid, forward-looking companies.

Ebner Stolz assis­ted Bonn on this jour­ney with its coope­ra­ting teams of acco­un­t­ants, audi­tors, tax advi­sors, attor­neys, and busi­ness con­sul­tants, and will also con­ti­nue to do so in the future as an expert, effi­ci­ent, and inno­va­tive con­sul­tant for medium-sized com­pa­nies. Loca­ted near the Rheinaue Park, our Bonn office and its team of 35 emp­loyees are ready and able to handle your con­cerns. We can also call upon col­lea­gues in our other offices at any time, whe­ther to manage nati­on­wide enga­ge­ments or to bring in the help of addi­tio­nal spe­cia­lists.  Medium-size com­pa­nies can also ope­rate across natio­nal boun­da­ries, and Ebner Stolz’s advice doesn’t stop at the bor­der, eit­her. Our close coope­ra­tion with con­sul­tants from the inter­na­tio­nal NEXIA net­work ensu­res that Ebner Stolz can offer the one-stop con­sul­ting ser­vices that medium-sized com­pa­nies need, even for ques­ti­ons of for­eign busi­ness and tax law.

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