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“High productivity, high buying power, and glowing prospects for the future” is an apt summary of Dusseldorf’s economy. Maybe that’s also why so many foreign investors have invested in the region – which is obvious from the many branches of foreign companies located in Dusseldorf as well as the many cross-border connections of the city’s businesses.

A quick sur­vey of the range of indu­s­tries loca­ted in Dus­sel­dorf reveals great diver­sity. It’s also clear, though, that the city is ten­ding away from manu­fac­tu­ring in favor of the ser­vices indu­s­try. Finance, com­merce, hospi­ta­lity, and trans­por­ta­tion (among others) are parti­cu­larly well rep­re­sen­ted. The Dus­sel­dorf Trade Fair, which attracts many visi­tors from home and abroad, makes a con­s­i­de­ra­ble con­tri­bu­tion towards streng­t­he­ning and deve­lo­ping the region’s range of indu­s­tries. At the same time, indu­s­trial com­pa­nies and espe­cially skil­led tra­des are and remain the cor­ners­to­nes of Dus­sel­dorf’s eco­nomy.

As con­sul­tants in the fields of acco­un­ting, taxes, law and busi­ness, we offer assi­s­tance to this wide array of com­pa­nies so that they can focus on their core busi­ness. Ebner Stolz is first and fore­most a con­sul­tant for medium-sized com­pa­nies, because we fully under­stand the needs of com­pa­nies in this sec­tor and know exactly how to tackle pro­b­lem areas in a tho­rough, effi­ci­ent and prag­matic way. Our rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves in Dus­sel­dorf pro­vide you with access to the col­lec­tive exper­tise of Ebner Stolz’s ent­ire nati­on­wide net­work. Given the inter­na­tio­nal nature of the com­pa­nies in the Dus­sel­dorf region, it’s only natu­ral that our ser­vices don’t stop at the nation’s bor­ders. Because of our close coope­ra­tion with our Nexia part­ners, we always have glo­bally trus­ted experts in for­eign busi­ness and tax law by our side to offer help and advice. You can find us in the heart of Dus­sel­dorf.

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