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Hamburg is the gateway to the world. Its harbors have made Hamburg the central hub for the exchange of goods between northern Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. The Hanseatic city is focused on trading and handling of goods. It’s no wonder, then, that the region’s key industries are ports and logistics, aviation and the maritime industry. All of these operate with great vitality, which is reflected in the number of businesses being founded or continuing to grow there every year.

Howe­ver, the city is far from being focu­sed exclu­si­vely on these indu­s­tries. Due lar­gely to the help of the north Ger­man life sci­ence agency Nor­genta (est. 2003), a young and quickly gro­wing mar­ket has been ope­ning up for life sci­ence tech­no­logy, espe­cially its inno­va­tive medi­cal and bio­tech­no­logy bran­ches. And the spec­trum is roun­ded out with com­pa­nies in the food indu­s­try, mecha­ni­cal and auto­mo­tive enginee­ring, and of course also tou­rism.

Com­pa­nies in a loca­tion as inter­na­tio­nally ori­en­ted as Ham­burg need a relia­ble part­ner who can ans­wer ques­ti­ons under­stan­da­bly and practi­cally in the areas of acco­un­ting, taxes, law and busi­ness, for issues both at home and abroad. And that’s exactly what you will find in Ebner Stolz. As con­sul­tants for medium-sized com­pa­nies, we can help you ans­wer these ques­ti­ons and pro­vide you with the secu­rity and free­dom you need to deve­lop your busi­ness ideas. Our office has about 200 col­lea­gues who are ready to help you, and if necessary will con­sult other col­lea­gues from Ebner Stolz’s other loca­ti­ons across the nation. For cross-bor­der issues, we can call upon our relia­ble and capable part­ners from the Nexia net­work, which helps us to ensure that our con­sul­ting ser­vices cover all bases.

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