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Baden-Württemberg is one of the strongest economies and most competitive regions in all of Europe. Almost half of the employees in its capital Stuttgart work in the manufacturing industry, while about 20% work in high-tech. The regional export rate is over 50 percent, so every other euro is earned in foreign countries. The main export industries in the region of Stuttgart are the automotive, mechanical engineering, and electrical industries. Financial services, IT, mass media and publishing companies also call it their home. Besides large automotive and IT companies, Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg are home to many medium-sized firms--primarily engaged in mechanical engineering and electricity, but also in almost all other fields. Many of the companies located here are the world leaders in their sector. Nowhere in Germany are more patents applied for than in the Stuttgart region.

With its com­pre­hen­sive and inte­g­ra­ted con­sul­ting ser­vices, Ebner Stolz is on the same wave­length as the medium-sized busi­nes­ses that have grown up in Stutt­gart. It offers exactly what medium-sized com­pa­nies need: a part­ner that always stands up for all the inte­rests of its cli­ent and offers one-stop con­sul­ting ser­vices. Ebner Stolz’s office is in the heart of Stutt­gart, con­ve­ni­ently loca­ted right next to the cen­tral train sta­tion. 420 cowor­kers offer our cli­ents com­pre­hen­sive advice in all ques­ti­ons about acco­un­ting, taxes, law and busi­ness.

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