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High-Net-Worth Private Clients

Apart from personal wishes, customized asset investment focuses not only on maximizing income, but also on numerous tax aspects. Questions to be considered here include income tax and possibly soon wealth tax. If assets are transferred to the next generation, inheritance and gift tax matters also can’t be neglected. Finally, proper tax returns are highly important – because the tax administration is currently looking more closely at high-net-worth individuals, and is entitled to conduct tax audits.

It's a good idea to have an advi­sor at your side to keep an eye on all these ques­ti­ons. We can advise you in eve­r­y­t­hing to do with assets and taxes. We offer a broad range of ser­vices, and help you struc­ture your assets in the best pos­si­ble way, or to arrange to trans­fer them to the next gene­ra­tion.

Our con­sul­ting approach is stra­te­gic and holistic, to take pro­per acco­unt of the fre­qu­ently com­plex pro­perty situa­ti­ons in busi­ness and pri­vate sphe­res. To make the most of all opti­ons, an expert team of tax advi­sors, attor­neys, acco­un­t­ants, and audi­tors will deve­lop your own per­so­nal tax and invest­ment con­cept.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Asset plan­ning and opti­miza­tion for taxes
  • Opti­mi­zing rela­ti­onships bet­ween pri­vate and busi­ness assets
  • Selec­ting the best legal form for assets
  • Advi­sing on invest­ment models, such as pri­vate equity, ven­ture capi­tal, clo­sed-end real estate funds and other invest­ment funds
  • Revie­wing poten­tial for opti­miza­tion of secu­ri­ties, real estate, equity ownerships and insurance
  • Expert eva­lua­tion of finan­cial inno­va­ti­ons
  • Tax assi­s­tance in deve­lo­ping invest­ment stra­te­gies and con­cepts
  • Ana­ly­sis of invest­ment funds and insurance invest­ments
  • Pre­pa­ring tax-opti­mi­zed (spe­cial) fund models
  • Tax plan­ning when finan­cing real estate
  • Advi­sing on real estate acqui­si­ti­ons in Ger­many and abroad
  • Advi­sing on suc­ces­sion
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