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Middle Market: Discover what moves SME's

There's no doubt about it: mid-sized companies are the backbone of the German economy. Thanks to these companies' flair for productivity, hard work, innovation and flexibility and their ability to react quickly, goods and services "made in Germany" are in demand around the world.

The band­width of these com­pa­nies ran­ges from fast-gro­wing start-ups to busi­nes­ses that have been owned and ope­ra­ted by one family over many gene­ra­ti­ons, from tra­di­tio­nal crafts­men to high-tech deve­lo­pers, and from sole pro­prie­tors to lis­ted cor­po­ra­ti­ons.

Mid-sized com­pa­nies come in all sha­pes and sizes, and so do the issues that they face – issues that demand a custo­mi­zed solu­tion. From the selec­tion or change of the form of the com­pany or group of com­pa­nies, to finan­cing issues and their impact on finan­cial sta­te­ments, to various tax struc­tu­res: mid-sized com­pa­nies need advi­sors who speak their lan­guage and take a holistic approach to the chal­len­ges they face.