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Nexia Ebner Stolz


Venture Capital

Given the disruptive dynamics in many industries, companies of all sizes are seeking access to new technologies, ideas and innovations. More and more often they are looking to invest in start-ups. The market environment is highly competitive. Young high-tech companies are also in high demand among financial investors.

We know what trumps the various ven­ture capi­ta­lists need to offer to score with start-ups. We are just as expe­ri­en­ced in wor­king with ven­ture capi­tal (VC) com­pa­nies, cor­po­rate inve­s­tors and busi­ness angels as we are with start-up foun­ders.

The­re­fore, we deve­lop tai­lor-made invest­ment models that are attrac­tive for both sides and avoid pit­falls in practice. Whe­ther you are a family busi­ness inves­ting in start-ups through your own cor­po­rate ven­ture divi­sion and aiming for com­pe­ti­tive advan­ta­ges through inno­va­tive tech­no­logy, or a VC com­pany loo­king to mul­ti­ply the value of your invest­ment as quickly as pos­si­ble - we draft con­tracts that opti­mally ref­lect your inte­rests. The risks of the invest­ment become con­trollable wit­hout slo­wing down the foun­ders through admi­ni­s­t­ra­tive expen­ses and hier­ar­chies.

You bene­fit from our mul­ti­di­s­ci­p­li­nary com­pe­tence in every finan­cing phase from pre-seed to later stage: we find the best solu­tion not only from a legal and tax point of view, but also from a busi­ness mana­ge­ment per­spec­tive. This app­lies to the valua­tion of the tar­get as well as to tai­lor-made models regar­ding value enhan­ce­ment or exit via an IPO or sale of the sha­res.

We create tran­s­pa­rency for start-ups so that foun­ders can meet inve­s­tors at eye level: Up to what limit is inves­tor con­trol and parti­ci­pa­tion accepta­ble? What is the mar­ket stan­dard for indu­s­trial pro­perty rights or lia­bi­lity for gua­ran­tees? Which inves­tor fits which goals? We see our­sel­ves as spar­ring part­ners to deve­lop your busi­ness model and bring it to mar­ket matu­rity.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Stra­te­gic advice on set­ting up your own Cor­po­rate Ven­ture Capi­tal (CVC) units, e.g. as an inde­pen­dent CVC com­pany
  • Deve­lop­ment of a holistic stra­tegy from the selec­tion and first approach of the tar­get to the exit
  • Sup­port in plan­ning indi­vi­dual stan­dards for the invest­ment
  • Deve­lop­ment of tai­lor-made, legally and fis­cally opti­mi­zed models for the various finan­cing pha­ses of the start-up from pre-seed to later stage due dili­gence pro­cess
  • Draf­ting of the con­tracts: Term Sheets / Let­ter of Intent, parti­ci­pa­tion agree­ments, share­hol­der agree­ments, syn­di­cate and finan­cing agree­ments as well as con­ver­ti­ble loans
  • Safe­guar­ding of inte­rests regar­ding value inc­rea­ses and exit sce­na­rios, in parti­cu­lar through infor­ma­tion and design rights
  • Secu­ring know-how with the help of (indu­s­trial and other) pro­perty rights and the long-term inte­g­ra­tion of know-how car­ri­ers
  • Imp­le­men­ta­tion of mana­ge­ment and emp­loyee share­hol­ding sche­mes and sil­ent part­nerships
  • Advice on exit
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