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Transparency report 2019

As one of the largest independent middle-class consulting firms in Germany, we are among the top ten in the industry. In 2018, our more than 1,500 partners and employees generated sales of EUR 213 million. At our 15 locations in all major German cities and business centers, we are close to our clients with our range of services in auditing, tax consulting, legal advice and management consulting.

Since we con­duct audits of finan­cial sta­te­ments of com­pa­nies of pub­lic inte­rest and have audi­ted annual and con­so­li­da­ted finan­cial sta­te­ments for 31 such cli­ents in 2018, we are requi­red under pro­fes­sio­nal law to pub­lish a tran­s­pa­rency report on our web­site at the latest four months after the end of the calen­dar year.

Ebner Stolz Transparency report 2019© Adobe Stock

Our tran­s­pa­rency report shows you our orga­niza­tio­nal and struc­tu­ral foun­da­ti­ons, which con­sti­tute the high-qua­lity level of our audit ser­vices.

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